SureTrack Real Fixes

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Hybrid Needs a Battery

    Hybrid vehicles can have more than one battery. and when one of those batteries has an issue, the car may not operate properly. Follow this Real Fix to see how a code P068A was diagnosed and repaired on this Ford Fusion. Vehicle 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid 2.5L Title P068A, Replaced 12V Battery Complaint The customer […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Corrosion Commotion

    Corrosion can be a troublesome thing distorting parts so they become inefficient or at worse utterly useless. This 2009 BMW 2.0L X3 Diesel came into the workshop with the ABS light on. Following inspection, corrosion under the drive shaft tone ring was uncovered. Follow this Real Fix to see what was done to resolve the […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Hard Start Mazda

    A hard starting condition is annoying but might not bring a customer into the shop right away. They shouldn’t put it off since it could have a simple solution with the proper diagnostics. Follow this Real Fix to see how a hard starting Mazda 6i was diagnosed and what component was causing the issue. Vehicle […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: RAM CAM

    The first modern cylinder deactivation system produced was the 1981 Cadillac V8-6-4 and that was a big flop. It’s now a common feature of multiple vehicles and generally trouble free. But when you have a vehicle so equipped and it has intermittent performance you might blame that system. SureTrack community member pdmason1492 had a 2013 […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Too Much Boost

    Turbochargers are a key component on some small diesel engines to get the maximum amount of power. But too much boost pressure can cause serious issues with the engine. Follow this Real Fix to see how a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Citan with a code P226B for high turbocharger boost pressure was diagnosed and the component that […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Tow It Again Mazda

    Towing a dead vehicle into a shop is a fairly common situation. But doing it three times is too much, especially when it won’t act up when it’s there. SureTrack community member ZachR had a Mazda Tribute that would stall hours away from the shop but not when it was there. They posed the question […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Thermostat Heater Control

    Engine coolant thermostats used to be pretty simple devices. But as with everything else automotive, they now have electronic controls. Follow this Real Fix to see how a 2015 Opel/Vauxhall with a code P0597 for the thermostat heater control circuit was diagnosed and the component that caused the problem. Vehicle 2015 Opel/Vauxhall Mokka 1.6 Petrol […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Acura Coil Meltdown

    Water is necessary for life but sometimes it can be the cause of death, especially when mixed with electronics. SureTrack community member mtbittinger had an Acura MDX that came in twice for running poorly, both times with a melted coil. They found that water intrusion into the ECU might be the cause. They posed the […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Hard Starting Mazda

    The evaporative emissions systems (EVAP) on vehicles is typically pretty straightforward and an important part of keeping the emissions in check. But when something goes wrong it can cause various issues. Follow this Real Fix to see how a hard starting Mazda with codes P0455 and P2187 was diagnosed and repaired. Vehicle 2007 Mazda 6i […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Misfire On My Mind

    Replacing a vehicle’s engine with a used one has its risks as you’re going to be counting on it working as it should. SureTrack community member MobleMech had a 2015 Camaro in their shop that came in with a misfire on cylinder one due to engine damage. They replaced it with a used engine and […]