SureTrack Real Fixes

Learn what has worked for other technicians like you. Real Fixes are based on expert knowledge from professional technicians who have solved the same vehicle issues you may be facing, and cover just about every year/make/model combination that you’re likely to see in your shop.

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Stay Grounded

    Phantom problems, like doors locking and unlocking on their own, in a vehicle can be tough to diagnose. SureTrack community member dicksrepair had a Chevrolet Silverado in the shop that would lose power and the door locks would act up after a cold start. They posed the question to the community, and with the help […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Stuck Compass

    Emission system monitors let you know that all systems are functional. Especially before an emissions check. SureTrack community member juniorBACC had a Jeep Compass in the shop that would not set the oxygen sensor monitor even though everything seemed right. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Gassy Bimmer

    When you smell fuel in the vehicle it can be hard to track down the source. You first look for fuel leaks and then go after the evaporative emissions systems. SureTrack community member SalemAutoLLC had a BMW X5 in the shop that would intermittently have a strong fuel smell inside and also a code P2402. […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Don’t Talk To Me

    In the age of diagnostics, communication between the vehicle and your scan tool is critical. When this doesn’t happen, it can be a frustrating search for the cause of that before you can get down to fixing the vehicle’s problems. SureTrack community member BekarAuto had a Ford Super Duty pickup in the shop that wouldn’t […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Park Assist Issue

    Park assist systems come in many variations. These are part of what is now known as ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems). Park assist systems rely on various sensors to help you avoid objects while parking your car. Follow this Real Fix to see how a problem with the parking assistance system on a BMW 530xi was […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Not So Smart Key Kia

    It’s always a risk trying to fix a car that the owner worked on themselves first and now is broken. SureTrack community member sleazen had a Kia Optima in their shop that the customer swapped the engine in and now won’t start. They replaced the pump but that didn’t fix it. They posed the question […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Stop Your Whining

    Whining customers are one thing you might not be able to fix but a whining power steering system should be easy. SureTrack community member jacksonwhidbey had an Acura MDX in their shop that had a whining power steering pump. They replaced the pump but that didn’t fix it. They posed the question to the community, […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Contaminated Caddy

    When your customer inadvertently puts diesel into their gasoline powered car, you start off with cleaning the fuel system but would you expect a problem with the car’s security system as well? SureTrack community member kbarnes had a Cadillac CTS in their shop that wouldn’t start after having the fuel system contaminated with diesel. They […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: One Hot Turbo, or Three

    One turbocharger failure is bad enough, but three in a row tells you there is something else going on. SureTrack community member kcautorepair had a Subaru Legacy in their shop with a broken turbo that they ended up replacing three times. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Is It Hot Or Not?

    Mixed signals from a vehicle can be frustrating, such as having a message on the dash saying the engine is hot when it’s not. SureTrack community member sportsman850sp had a Buick Lucerne in their shop that would display “Engine Hot A/C Off” on the dash as soon as the vehicle was started cold. They posed […]