SureTrack Real Fixes

Learn what has worked for other technicians like you. Real Fixes are based on expert knowledge from professional technicians who have solved the same vehicle issues you may be facing, and cover just about every year/make/model combination that you’re likely to see in your shop.

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Blown HHR

    Correct fuel and air ratios are the key to any engine running properly. Many factors can mess up this ratio and cause problems but even with them correct, you can still have issues that seem like that is the cause. SureTrack community member locustpoint had a Chevrolet HHR Turbo in their shop that was running […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Pulsing Cruiser

    Most mechanics want to resist the urge to just swap parts when presented with a diagnostic code and instead do the diagnostic work to find the actual cause. SureTrack community member locustpoint had a PT Cruiser in their shop that was pulsing when driving and had a code P0339 for the crankshaft sensor. Testing showed […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: It’s All in the Fuel

    When a customer brings you their car but leaves out a critical detail, either on purpose or not, it can wreak havoc on your diagnosis. SureTrack community member DYERDAD had a Pontiac Bonneville in their shop that was running poorly and they checked everything that could have been the obvious cause. What they didn’t know […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: The Key is the Key

    Having a new issue pop up right when your custom comes to pick up their car can be frustrating and embarrassing. But sometimes there is no way you would have known. SureTrack community member bmaples had a BMW X3 SUV that they had repaired the blower on and parked it outside for the customer to […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Can’t Lock That VW

    A car that can’t be locked is a security issue for the owner. Usually this comes down to a switch or a module problem but not always. SureTrack community member griffsautoservice had a Volkswagen Jetta that couldn’t be locked with the keys or the fobs. It was a head scratching problem for them but they […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Bearing with it

    When the check engine light illuminates it could be for any number of reasons. In this case this Toyota Aygo was diagnosed with a throwout bearing fault. This bearing allows the clutch to smoothly operate within the gear box and is essential for proper clutch function. Vehicle 2010 Toyota Aygo 1.0 1KR-FE Petrol GB Title […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Throttling Issue

    The throttle body on vehicles controls the air provided to the engine for combustion. There several controls related to its function and when one goes bad the vehicle won’t run right. Follow this Real Fix to see how code P2101 was diagnosed on this vehicle and how the issue was resolved. Vehicle 2019 Chevrolet Suburban […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Conflicting Messaging

    Sometimes being too cool is a bad thing, even though your dash is saying you’re too hot. SureTrack community member harristech had a Chevrolet Silverado in the shop where the A/C would stop working and the instrument cluster had a message about the engine being too hot. They posed the question to the community, and […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: BMW Gets The Shaft

    When a drive shaft u-joint breaks it will usually disable the vehicle or cause some serious damage. This car kept on going. SureTrack community member bmaples had a BMW X3 where the front drive shaft fell out and was lost while the owner was driving and they needed help with what to look for when […]