SureTrack Real Fixes

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Slow Down Light

    Sometimes your best electrical issue diagnostic tool is the SureTrack Community. SureTrack community member ASC71241 had a Honda Accord in their shop that had the battery light coming on intermittently. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member DAG1365 and others, they were able to resolve the issue […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: That’s a Stretch

    Sometimes you may not have the special tools to repair a customer’s vehicle but one of the most useful special tools you do have available is the SureTrack Community. SureTrack community member Jeffytune had an Audi A4 Allroad in their shop that had a starting issue and also a code related to the timing system. […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Boosted Seat

    Back to full boost was speedy in the case using the actuator test on the Solus Legend. Being able to operate the turbocharger wastegate with the actuator test allows you to visually if the wastegate is moving while the multi meter confirms that the signals from the ECU are being sent, enabling me to pinpoint […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Return to Sender

    Here’s another case of an intermittent condition that is frustrating a technician. Especially when it turns out to be a simple fix. SureTrack community member jaybeerepair had a Chevrolet S10 pickup in their shop that had a stalling condition when warm but they had a hard time tracking down the cause. They posed the question […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: No Blower

    It is the actuator tests within the HVAC control module which are key to a speedy diagnosis in this case. Using the actuator tests and the lab scope together enables you to visually see the electronic signal from the HVAC control module to the blower motor resistor, this helps to confirm the fault is with […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Stop the Squeal!

    Squealing noises in vehicles typically have a couple common causes, such as belts or pulleys. But what if those aren’t the cause? SureTrack community member harristech had a Ford Ranger in their shop that had a squealing noise from the engine at times. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Throttle Problem

    Full throttle ahead with a Snap-on Scan tool. See how this tool was used for the the code scan feature to identify the cause of the engine light being illuminated giving a starting point for your diagnosis. Vehicle 2011 Citroen DS3 1.6 Petrol Title P061F, P2101, Replaced Throttle Body Complaint The customer states the check […]

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Not So Good Vibrations

    Vibrations that only happen when you’re driving can be very hard to diagnose and sometimes can lead you away from the actual cause. SureTrack community member Jeffytune had a Subaru Crosstrek in their shop that had such a vibration and thought it was coming from the engine. They posed the question to the community, and […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Lost its Sparkle

    Issues with the throttle position sensor on a vehicle are usually pretty easy to diagnose, but sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the issue. Follow this Real Fix to see how the problem with this Spark’s throttle control was diagnosed and repaired. Vehicle 2013 Chevrolet Spark LS 1.2L Title P2135, Replaced Throttle Body […]

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Pedal Diagnostics

    When a check engine light comes on and a code P2127 appears, it’s time to start the process of elimination using more diagnostic tests. Diagnosing this type of fault is made so much easier with Triton or the Zeus as the live data can be used to monitor the accelerator pedal position. The Scope enables […]